A downloadable game for Windows

Hyper Vector Shooter II Alpha Turbo LD Remix is a game developped for the CanardPC game jam.

This game is based on the following tutorial on XNA: http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/make...

I have modified the base code and extend it with the Monogame framework. I have updated the gameplay proposed in the tutorial. I have developped a navigation framework which allows to switch from one game screen to another and a basic graphical user. There is now a "ladder" mechanism which allows to save player highscore on internet. You have also some achievements based on your highscore which allow unlocking 3 more playable ships.

Don't forget that you can select the EASY mode on the start screen to play this game.

Install instructions

For playing, simply download the zip file and unzip to any folder. Then, launch the game by double clicking on HyperVectorShooterAlphaTurbo.exe.

When launching the game for the first time, you'll be asked to enter a player name (10 character max.). When its done validate with Enter key.


  • keyboard arrows or Q and D keys to move the ship horizontally
  • right click for the secondary shot

Blue ennemies are killed only by blue bullets and red ennemies are killed only by red bullets. Yellow ones are killed by any bullet.


If you use a proxy for connecting to the internet, in order to view the highscore listing, you must create a file named proxy.txt in the install directory of the game. This file must contain the address of the proxy (and only this), for example: http://proxy.domain.com:8080


HyperVectorShooter.zip 11 MB